Heritage Bel Ombre

The challenge

This campaign highlights the mystical side of Bel Ombre, stirring curiosity, adventure and exploration around the tales and legends that surround this region of the island. Each visual encapsulates the essence and folkloric mysticism of Bel Ombre around the key idea: ‘ EMBRACE THE EXTRAORDINARY’… Through Stories magazine, the challenge was to weave a story – that of Heritage and of Bel Ombre itself – to celebrate a land steeped in history, culture, natural heritage and warm hospitality. The aim was to immerse readers in the story of Bel Ombre, highlighting its greatest treasures while awakening curiosity.

Our idea

To capture readers in this enchanting natural world, we have developed a series of images and poems. With a contemporary, cutting-edge photographic direction rooted in the region, accompanied by an enchanting and poetic writing style, we have created 14 fascinating chapters dedicated to an enthralling exploration of the enchanted region of Bel Ombre. A story that begins with the revelation of the most sumptuous treasures of Baie de Jacotet, a place of exceptional historical value; followed by unique and enriching encounters with the region’s leading personalities, the discovery of its natural riches and the vision of its inhabitants for this unique natural sanctuary, bringing this immersive exploration to an authentic conclusion.