Stories Magazine

The challenge

Stories is a magazine that weaves together the most beautiful stories. Our creative intention was to immerse readers in the very heart of the world behind each subject, captivating them from the very first lines to the very last pages. In this way, our aspiration was to create an immersive magazine that stands out by embracing the very energy of its muse, offering a captivating and unforgettable reading experience.

Our idea

Stories Magazine has been carefully crafted to reveal the essence of a region or territory, offering an immersive experience designed to captivate readers and convey the energy and singular philosophy that characterises it. Through the use of evocative images, skilfully chosen words, spellbinding poems and a narrative that unfolds as the story unfolds, Stories is transformed into a backdrop against which much more than a simple narrative unfolds; a true identity takes shape. Stories embodies the magazine that takes the time to soak up the energy and colours of its muse, creating an authentic portrait that resonates with depth and emotion.