Royal Palm Brochure

The challenge

To meet the challenge of refreshing Beachcomber’s branding, we’ve developed a vibrant library of images that highlight the architecture, design, and guest rooms, all encapsulating the luxurious and tropical chic themes. This carefully curated collection has been tailored to resonate with the diverse target audience, ranging from adults seeking tranquillity to families in search of memorable experiences. These captivating images form the cornerstone of our strategy has been set to play a pivotal role not only on the Beachcomber website and upcoming Google Ads campaigns, but also in the design of a brand new brochure style.

Our idea

In terms of the creative approach, our strategy revolves around presenting Beachcomber as a haven of luxury and tropical elegance. The images are not just snapshots; they embody a creative idea that goes beyond mere visuals. Each picture tells a story, inviting viewers to envision themselves immersed in the resort’s distinctive ambiance. This creative narrative will unfold seamlessly on the Beachcomber website, throughout engaging Google Ads campaigns, and in the new meticulously designed brochures, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand story.