Veranda Resorts

The challenge

Embracing an entirely new philosophy, Veranda Resorts now offer an immersive dive into the vibrant culture of Mauritius, embodied by the ‘creole-chic’ theme. This vision first took shape with the grand reopening of Veranda Grand Baie, marking the introduction of this innovative theme. In doing so, we aim to offer guests a truly authentic stay, an experience that brings them right to the heart of Mauritian life.

Our idea

Feel Mauritius. Feel Mauritian.
That’s how we embodied the new philosophy of Veranda Hotels.

In harmony with this inspiring tagline, we completely redesigned the brand’s visual universe, infusing it with a vibrant, shimmering identity, embellished with elements typical of Mauritian culture. To further accentuate the hues of this new era, we designed a range of stationery and collateral that reflect the Creole-chic spirit throughout each guest’s stay, including welcome cards, travel diaries and memorable souvenirs.

Through elements such as the fisherman’s boat, the Mauritian veranda and the majestic coconut palms, we have created a graphic universe that celebrates the unrivalled splendour of Mauritius with dazzling pride.